Hipstamatic and Other Fun Travel Photo Apps

I got an iPod Touch! Thanks Centrelink! And like all good iPod/iPhone purchasers, I downloaded Hipstamatic straight away. What timing too - for the photo-worthy event of Ned coming to Marrawah. I’m a bit tired of trying to convince everyone up here that I really do have a boyfriend and I didn’t just make him up.

While I should be knocking things off my to-do list like organising Vietnam visas, flights and all that jazz I’m having much more fun looking into all the apps I can download onto my new toy.

I am justifying this present to myself for a number of reasons.

1) Simply because I am FANTASTIC at self-justification, expecially when it involves money I do not have.

2) The el cheapo mp3 player I bought as a replacement for last, lost iPod sucks balls and heaps (I am very conscious of saying “heaps” ever since some American told me that Australians say “heaps” heaps. Whatever) of music and games is ESSENTIAL for my upcoming adventures. There’s Darwin, then Vietnam and possibly (as in 87% sure) Canada to live/work. EEeeek! I’m gonna be on planes more than any snakes this season.

3) I really want to blog on this next trip and I’m not taking my computer. Solution? Wireless device with Tumblr downloaded and photo editing apps ready to go-go.

The best thing about the newest generation of iPods? The camera, silly! And all the fun toy camera style photo editing apps that are out there.

My other new faves include PicFrame and Photogene for putting multiple photos together into a single frame and photo editing, respectively.

Aaannndd, speaking of taking fun photos on holidays I saw this post on Photojojo - dicking with disposable cameras. They show the top twenty ways to achieve different effects with a regular disposable camera. Photojojo don’t actually mention penises - that’s my addition. (But if you’re interested, here’s a link to waterproofing your camera using a condom.)

If you’re brave enough to scratch the lens, colour the flash with a Sharpie, throw the entire camera in the pool or cover the lens with a cellophane, you too can get photos like these.

This gets me thinking of Bridget’s road trip from Brisbane to Melbourne where she documented the journey only using one packet of film and her Fuji Instax. What a fantastic travel challenge in the days of digital? Rather than snapping away endlessly and editing later, film forces one into considering each shot. Bridget said she started thinking ahead and planning the next frame, to best capture the mood of the whole adventure.

I shall buy a disposable camera and undertake this challenge. Ten days in Darwin in 24 photos? Indeed. Capturing the perfect croc-snaps-at-chicken-snap without my trusty digital burst feature? Bring it on.